Burn Down Eden


  • Inquisitorial Belief Assertion

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  • Sermonize

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  • Obey or Die

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  • Face the Void

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  • Deus Vult (Bonus)

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“A Burn down eden release? Again?” you must be thinking. If you haven ́t heard of those guys yet, you may check your priorities. But yes it ́s true. These guys keep the release machine going. Just 9 months after their last and most successful album release from March 2021, they announce another EP coming this Winter.

This year they finally want to spread their wisdom bringingsalvation to the metal community, with the main goal to get more and more disciples behind their movement. Even the pope should be concerned that the whole Christian house of cards could collapse pretty soon. After that a Burn down eden state made of lust, filth and sleaze will arise.

With “Sermonize” Burn down eden probably created their darkest, yet catchiest work until now. It ́s basically a rawer evolution of the self-titled release from March, 2021. You can find everything Burn down eden stands for on it. Deliberateand catchy riffs, blast beats, high speed guitar-shred, advanced basslines, sinister guitar-harmonies and Pether ́s chainsaw vocals – Yet this time spiced up with even more 80s-vibes and neoclassical influences.

With Seek & Strike calling their new label home, they ́re definitely able to reach their goal of the Burn down eden state!