Burn Down Eden


Recorded in January 2016 at the „House of Merger Studios“.

The Record was released on September 30. 2016 via Sliptrick Records (Vinyl & CD’s) and 7Hard Records (Digital)

„Ruins of Oblivion“ strongly marks that classical Melodeath can be provided by lots of impact, even in 2016! – 9/10 by METALonly

„…totally recommended for purchase!“ – 9,5/10 by METALZONE

„..Burn Down Eden debuts with a record that represents Melodeath in it’s best understanding“ – 10/15 Legacy

„..Impressive Melodys and Licks..“ – 7/10 Rock Hard

„…gratifying, that the former East-block spawns such a great Band – 9/10 Hellmagazine

„…I do enjoy that the band are using what could be described as vaguely classical theory in their writing with more interesting chords and progressions with augmentations and resolutions..“ 7/10 – Metal-Temple.com

„…for anybody who pays attention to Revocation, Skeletonwitch or Arsis“ – MYREVELATIONS

„..Burn Down Eden have delivered a magnificent debut feature album. With the right mix of death metal vocals and melodic instrumentals… plus some guitar playing to die for… this is a band that is going to get bigger and bigger over the years to come“ – 4/5 Heavy-Mag